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Customized Cakes and Bakes

    About Us

We at Little Delights try to create happiness and smiles with our customized Cakes and Bakes whether its a Birthday, Wedding, Baby Shower Engagement, Housewarming, Bachelors/ Bachelorette Party,etc....you name it and we will strive to make your dreams come true.

You can choose from the other cake designs as you may find them in our  gallery, or you can just refer us to any other design that you fancy. However, we encourage you to not ask for the exact copy of someone else’s cake design, but instead we make it unique by using your own inspirations and ideas.

Do keep in mind, that we bake at home, and that every cake is made from scratch with utmost attention to detail, and an eye for perfection.. 

You can order a special cake with us for yourself or your loved one. The contact details are in the CONTACT section of the site.

The variety of cakes and flavors are available in the MENU section.

For my readers, there are contests and giveaways that you can be a part of.

About Me

My name is Shivani and the baker behind Little Delights. I am a HR by profession and I live in Pune.

As a kid i learnt baking from my mother in a conventional way and always had the enthusiasm  to know how it was decorated.When i first decorated my cake 5 years ago i fell in love with the art of it and my passion grew to leaps and bounds.

Initially i baked only for family and friends but as the word of mouth I started getting orders. It was worth the effort to see the smile on my clients faces after seeing my cake and that was the moment Little delights was born. And its been 2yrs that I started baking professionally.

I am a self taught baker and with many tried and tested recipes we have achieved what we are today.Credit goes to my super-supportive husband , my daughter and my dad who have always                                                                           been encouraging me.